Turn the Rug Season – One Rug For All The Seasons!

Alright, ladies here is something for you! Turn the Rug Season is the mat we all have been waiting for. You don’t need to buy new mats for every season, not at least now. With this Turn the Rug Season, you don’t have just one mat, but two; for the spring season and for the autumn season.

You must have guessed it by now that it’s a dual facet mat. All you need to do is to flip it to see the other side. One side has brown falling leaves and the other side has green leaves. Which means that you can use it in spring as well as in autumn.

Now, it truly depends on what you want. If you want to have the autumn side in mid spring, you can; and if not it’s your choice. I would rather want to go by the season, but I know people who like going against the nature with their own mood swings. So, this one mat can prove to be the coolest one they would have ever seen.

Now apart from the looks, let’s talk about the mat’s make. It is made of dual durable material, which of course is any day better than a single durable material mat. It has two layers on both the sides, and they don’t detach from each other. They stick together, and you can expect this mat to stay there in front of your doorstep for at least a decade.

What more can you say about such an impeccable thing. I wish I could get my hands on it, and keep it right outside my doorstep. First of all, it’s a lovely mat on both sides, and secondly, the dual facet aspect makes me drool over it even more. I mean, at least I wouldn’t have to keep changing the mats every now and then to make it look in compliance with the weather. This is just an all-in-one solution for me and for everyone else out there who is tired of changing mats. God Bless you, unknown designer of these mats!

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Via: Freshome