Awesome 3D Gameboy Perler Bead Sprite Set

Made by fusing a whole bunch of colored beads, this is an amazing set of 3D bead sprites that look exactly like your Nintendo Gameboy Color, using sprites or pixel representations of an image. Colored plastic beads are arranged carefully in a kind of grid to form an image similar to the sprite, and are then fused together by heating, giving a 3 dimensional image.

green gameboy color bead work

black gameboy color beadwork

These Sprites are made to look like your Nintendo Gameboy and the screen shows the different blocks of Tetris, and one, the initial screen of special edition of Pokemon Yellow.

clear gameboy color beadwork

purple gameboy color beadwork

These are made by Doctor Octoroc in various Gameboy colors such as the Kiwi Lime Green, Teal, Pink, Atomic Purple, Dandelion Yellow, Black and a clear one all with the screen showing Tetris. There is also one which is made to resemble the Gold Gameboy special edition with the screen showing Pokemon Yellow.

gameboy color beadwork

pokemon gameboy color beadwork

The Purple Sprite is even fluorescent and glows in the dark. This set of eight bead sprites is totally amazing and one of the best. It definitely makes me want to try making one myself sometime.

teal gameboy color beadwork