Remote Controls Wearing Chinese Costumes?

The Ritz Carlton has always been the last name in luxury, and this remote control dressed in a Chinese outfit is definitely an indication of this. The fact that they look to dress up their remote controls, and possibly other knick-knacks just shows how much they care about appearances.

cool chinese outfit remote controle

If you want your remote control to look really cool and whatnot, all it takes is a bit of cloth from an old curtain (I think that’s what this is), some foam to provide the padding and some brown silk piping. Once you have assembled these materials like Netanel has, and you manage to borrow a sewing machine, it’s just a few minutes work to make your remote control look just as cool as this. With a little imagination, you can even imagine you live at the Ritz Carlton.

While some people could consider dressing up a remote a bit excessive, I think it’s a really nice touch. Especially if it matches with the decor of the room. The green and purple outfit is really cool, although I’m not very sure about the sleeves. I think it makes it look like the remote has ears…. don’t you think? But then again, without the sleeves, it wouldn’t really be a dress.

If you are interested in making a real size dress to wear, then try out the Designer Dress DIY, or take a look at the Zipper Dress.

Via: [Netanel]