Coffee Gadgets For Caffeine Fiends

There is a reason that Dunkin Donuts went with the popular slogan, “America Runs on Dunkin.” We do love our coffee, and that’s increasingly true on a global level. Caffeine may have some drawbacks in terms of side effect,s but that hasn’t stopped anyone from wolfing down their daily cup of joe, and as consumers are are on a constant quest for improvement. A regular old cup of coffee just doesn’t provide enough of a boost anymore these days. Here are some coffee related items that will give you your much needed shot of caffeine in new and interesting ways.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker

Anytime someone wants to make the bold claim that they can provide the best cup of coffee ever construed, you can color me skeptical. The creators behind the Aeropress coffee maker, however, believe they can do just that. Simply place a small filter at the bottom of the press and throw in a measured scoop of the coffee of your choice. Add in the hot water and press down slowly on the plunger. The final result will hopefully be somewhere along the lines of the best cup of coffee ever. Or not. Considering the number of different flavors, bean types, styles, and costs of coffee out there, I don’t think you will find many who will agree.

Digital Photo Mug

When Monday rolls around and you find yourself clamoring into the office for another fun-filled day of pencil pushing, it can help to have a reminder of why you are still there.  This digital photo mug can provide you with hours of support at the office as you cycle through the 45 digital photos. Chase away those wistful afternoon blues with your recent vacation to Costa Rica or a mist-filled lake scene from your last fishing trip. It may not help you get much work done, but morale support is key to a good job, too.

“Brr” Mug Heaters

I often feel that I simply don’t drink my coffee fast enough, and if you are out and about in a cold climate, your piping hot beverage can lose heat even faster. Thankfully, there is a step you can take to protect the heat in your beverage along with your sensitive hands thanks to these “Brr” Mug heaters. The covers themselves are made from wool and promise to keep the heat in the mug and away from you while still managing to look fuzzy and cute. They are the perfect accessory for any long time coffee drinker.

Handheld Espresso Maker

Even before you see a picture of it, the idea of an espresso maker that you can hold in the palm of your hand sounds flat-out awesome. This handheld espresso maker promises tasty, creamy, and smooth espresso while you are stuck at work or looking to make some at home without the need for a giant machine. Looking at the picture can be a bit confusing, but here is the lowdown. The sphere-like body holds the coffee and hot water, and you simply poor the trigger to shoot out some serious caffeinated power. The machine is powered by gas cartridges, and each cartridge can make roughly 8 cups of espresso coffee. Not bad at all for a handheld, if I do say so myself. If you are worried about running out of cartridges, you can find them at your local market without any trouble.

Gaggia Accademia

If you are both a coffee-lover and a gadget fanatic, sometimes bigger really is better. This Gaggia Accademia coffee machine has just about every bell and whistle you can conjure up, and promises to keep you awake through the most important times in your life. The coffee maker can brew up a wide variety of beverages depending on your mood, including espresso, espresso macchiato, caffè ristretto, caffè latte, latte macchiato, hot milk, and tea. Each beverage can be tailored to suit your prefence in strength as well. It also has a number of different containers for different materials, including  a ceramic coffee grinder that delivers 8 different grades of ground coffee powder, 2 independent stainless steel boilers, an auto-cappuccino jar, a 350 gram coffee bean container, a 15-bar pressure pump, and 1.6 liter removable water tank. If money is no object, this coffee making monstrosity will suit you perfectly.