Corket Rocket Puts the Fun in Bottle Opening

Generally speaking, the mysterious world of bottle openers just isn’t very exciting. You have a cork screw, it opens your wine bottle, and that’s pretty much the limit of it. Well, one clever creator decided to take what we know about this seemingly dull utensil and turn it upside down. Instead of boring, you can now reach for this Corket Rocket Bottle Opener, which is a colorful and interesting alternative.

The “intergalactic” bottle rocket is great for lifting off corks at any occasion. It also gives you a cheesy joke option by counting down to lifting off some very expensive vintage. Your stuffy wine-loving friends may not enjoy it, but I know I will! At the inexpensive price of $14.99, you get a solid-construction, blood red opener that measures 6 inches long and 2.76 inches wide. The price differential between this and a run of the mill bottle opener is minimal, so you really don’t have a reason not to opt for the rocket. Unless you’re one of those sticks in the mud, that is.

For all of the Corket Rocket’s colorful charm, the thing still needs to be operated manually. User error in opening a bottle of wine is shockingly common, so you might be better off shooting for an automated alternative. This electric wine opener can help save your hands from getting all sorts of cork bits in your expensive or not-so-expensive bottle of wine. If you would prefer to have your bottle openers reflect your current emotional state, someone else out there can empathize thanks to these crazy mood bottle openers. Sure they won’t open a bottle of wine, but you can beĀ  passive-aggressive by handing someone you don’t like the angry bottle opener. Will they get the message? Maybe, maybe not, but it would still be fun to give it a shot.