Electric Wine Opener Saves Your Hands From Screwing Up

I wouldn’t think that there is much of a market out there for electric wine openers. I mean if you are a serious wine person, wouldn’t you want to do that yourself to make sure it is done right? Apparently there are enough people out there that would prefer to have a machine do the job, as a wine industry expert opened 49 bottles with a number of different openers and decided that this model was “great and easiest by far.” I would say that’s a significant show of support.

While other corkscrews may be difficult to insert or spin the bottle rather than the cork, this handy device securely latches onto the wine bottle neck and plunges the worm squarely into the center. This is important, since you don’t want the cork falling into the wine. The model can open up to 40 bottles in a single eight-hour charge, and it also includes a foil cutter. That is a whole lot of functionality for the seemingly low price of $39.95. For a serious fan of wines, that is a drop in the bucket. As with other Hammacher Schlemmer products, you’ll receive a lifetime guarantee, so you can take comfort in knowing that if your wine opener breaks you can always go get a new one.

Now that you have your wine-opening covered, you may be interested in some other wine products. You can turn any wine into a sparkling beverage, for example, with this iSi Twist’n Sparkle. If you want to show off your wine spirit without actually purchasing an expensive bottle, you can try this USB wine bottle speaker. You may not be able to drink it, but it makes for a great display piece and looks just like the genuine article.