Sushi Pillow: Eat it or Snuggle It?

On a personal level, there aren’t many household items resembling food that I can get behind. I mean a giant pillow that looks like, say, a hoho, would just make me hungry. Along the same line, my first impression was where would I put this without wanting to go out for sushi? Still, there is something novel about being able to hug your favorite piece of food, and sushi certainly looks huggable to me.

Naturally, the sushi pillow would be best suited for someone who is an actual fan of eating the food, so get that information in advance before picking this up as a gift. Sushi is an unquestionably chic food, so the extra ambiance can help any room look a bit more extravagant. At least one buyer of the pillow agrees, as they gave it 4 stars out of 5: “The pillow is a good value and well made. Wish it had texture.” I don’t think I would like my sushi pillow to have “texture,” or how you would go about accomplishing that, but to each his or her own. At $19.99, you can give the pillow a good trial run without breaking your bank, too.

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