Pure Black Kitchen Knife Chops in Style

If you keep up on the latest kitchen styles, you have probably noticed that stainless steel, marble, and sometimes copper are popular fashions. If you want your accessories to match the sleek awesomeness that is your kitchen, you’re going to need something like this pure black kitchen knife, which exudes the personality of a great kitchen utensil.

If you like to think that presentation is as important as the food you cook, this knife will fit right in. It is constructed from pure black coasted chrome steel, and the knife is forged from a single piece of steel in order to increase durability. The blade is 8.5 inches long from the tip to the tang, making it 13.5 inches in total. The blade is also designed to blend into the handle, which gently curves from butt to point. According to the manufacturer, the blade is “sharper than the devil’s tongue,” which I’m guessing is pretty sharp. As you might expect, such a blade will not come cheap.

The piece clocks in at $119.99, which is what you would expect to pay for a high quality kitchen knife. A bit on the high side, admittedly, but look how great this knife looks.

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