Top 12 Healthcare Apps for Women

With ongoing smartphone and tablet craze, you’ll have an app for just about everything. Also developers have come up with some really good apps that aid in keeping track of your health and lifestyle easier than ever. And their presence is certainly pervasive. These apps also provide new possibilities for users to better manage their care and track important health information. That is why we thought of listing some of the best health apps that will add an ounce of convenience to your health care regime.

Pink Pad (Period Tracker)

Keeping track of your periods is absolutely essential whether you have intentions to conceive or not. The Pink Pad app will help you track your menstrual cycle and health through easy-to-use calendar style UI. Apart from this, it also connects you to other women through its integrated community made for support and exchange idea. This one’s quite popular and can be found on all three platforms though the vendor might not remain same.

Pocket Yoga

The Pocket Yoga app converts your smartphone or tablet into a personal yoga instructor. No matter where you are, your new digital teacher will guide through the various exercises. Users get to choose from 3 different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations i.e. a total of 27 different sessions.

Happy Pregnancy Tracker

There isn’t any dearth of pregnancy tracker apps but this one particularly caught my attention. The Happy Pregnancy Tracker app seems to be an all-rounder with an endless list of features like due date calculator, ovulation partner, widget for homescreen, contraction timer, discussion forum and others.

Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast

A great body is pivotal to one’s confidence level. The developer of Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast app is SELF, the premiere magazine which is devoted to women’s health and well-being. It takes up the baton of giving you those sexy toned legs and makes you feel more confident about yourself. It features fun and easy to follow steps that guarantee hot legs in just about four weeks time.

Dance Your Way Up

You want shed those extra kilos but are not exactly up for those yoga or gym workout sessions. The premier women’s magazine, SELF, has come up with this ‘Dance Your Way Slim’ that tells you how you can use dance-inspired cardio workouts to pull down extra weight and sculpt a toned body.

Daily Ab Workout

Your crazy work schedules leave you with very little time to take care of body. The developer of Daily Ab Workout app, Daniel Miller, realized this and has come up with a just 5-minute regime which will give you ten of the best ab-sculpting exercises. The app claims to strengthen your core and shape up your abs just with 5 minutes of your day.

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

The Breast Cancer Risk Calculator app has six questions which will help in primary diagnosis. Since breats cancer is found in one out of eight women, this app is a must though I wouldn’t say it can replace proper diagnosis from by an expert doctor.

Relax and Sleep

Lack of sleep is a common phenomemon these days. The Relax and Sleep app makes your smartphone exhale soothing sounds that relax you and help you fall asleep. It has as much as 35 ambient sounds like thunder, white noise, ocean, birds, rain, crickets, water, mechanical noises and others. It also lets you change the independent track volumes and create your own personalized relax melody.

BuzzBee Mobile Massage

Here is an app that converts your smartphone into a portable massage therapist. The BuzzBee mobile massage activates the built-in vibrator in your phone and voila! You could use it anywhere, be it your hands, arms, shoulders, head, or any other place which will help you to exhale stress. One started it gives you full three minutes of massage time.


A lot of times we stumbled upon onto loose pills in our closet and we don’t know they are for. Epocrates will come handy during these kind of situations for its gives reliable drug, disease and diagnostic information. Apart from providing free drug reference application, it also helps you in doing a preliminary diagnosis.

Calorie Counter

We certainly know that steamed dumplings are any given day lighter on calories as compared to a burger but we wouldn’t know that exact numbers. When you’re on a diet plan, you need to keep a tab on the quantity as well as the composition of your calories intake. This is where Calorie Counter MyNetDiary app comes handy. It has as much as 416,000+ foods database and over 40 screens. This app has been well applauded by media and will go a long way in helping you reach you targets.

Weed Cookbook

You though getting a prescription for medical marijuana was the best thing that happened to you. Here is a Weed Cookbook app that gives you a variety of innovative recipes which will have this green leaf as its main ingredient. Their database includes preparations like Weed Tea, Mint Julip, Marijuana Meatballs, Special brownies and others. The developers of the app do not want you to become a junkie and therefore have dropped a word of caution which says “Eat Responsibly!”

Although these health care apps sound very appealing, it still doesn’t exempt you from the actually visiting a doctor when you find something is wrong with any part of your body. These apps are here to just give you an idea of things and not replace medical diagnosis by experts altogether. With the cut-throat competition running through the smartphone segment all the above mentioned apps, more or less, can be found on most mobile operating systems like iOS, BlackBerry and Android.