The Best Wine Accessories Money Can Buy

As a hobby, I have always been fascinated by serious wine drinkers. On the sruface, drinking wine always struck me as a straightforward affair. I like the taste of this, I don’t like the taste of that, and the world keeps on spinning. Yet below the surface is a world of complex taste buds, a variety of styles in creating the wine, and a number of different vintages that all produce very different results. If you happen to be wine enthusiast yourself, consider picking up some of these great wine accessories.

Electric Wine Opener

Opening a wine bottle on your own is so last year. Why not have a mechanical contraption that opens the wine for you with surprising accuracy? Now you can with this hands free electric wine opener! The device latches onto the wine bottle at the neack and then plunges the worm squarely into the center. Now you no longer need to worry about the cork falling into the wine.

Corket Rocket Bottle Opener

It isn’t written anywhere the wine parties need to be stuffy, formal affairs, so why not mix in a little fun and creativity with this Corket Rocket Bottle Opener. Now, you too can count down the opening of a great bottle of wine in front of all of your friends and family. Are you ready for cork lift0ff?! T-minus 10 seconds to delicious wine time.

Skybar Wine and Champagne Traveler

Let’s face it, some wine is best served chilled, and if you have a longer trip to make to an event, your wine isn’t going to stay cool for long enough. Rather than expose your wine to more temperature levels than you need to, you can pick up this Skybar Wine and Champagne Traveler. The protective casing will help keep your wine or champagne bottle cool so that your friends can enjoy the flavor exactly as they are supposed to.

Bird of Prey Wine Opener

In a shockingly cool combination of wine enthusiast and Star Trek Fan, this chrome Klingon Bird of Prey shaped wine opener is happy to gently attack your bottles of wine and blow that cork to kingdom come. While the detail may not be as intricate as you might expect, be sure to keep in mind that at the end of the day it is a wine opener first and a Bird of Prey second, so the options for the manufacturer to add detail while still making it an effective wine opener are fairly limited. Live long and prosper while you pop open your next bottle of wine.

Wine Bottle Puzzles

Sometimes, you’re stuck at an event where you would rather not be, surrounded by people you don’t know, and you wish someone or something would lighten the mood and open up a more interesting line of conversation. Thankfully, someone came up with these wine bottle puzzles to do just that. Now your table-mates can put their heads together in a collaborative effort to get to the booze before the party is over. A brilliant piece, if I do say so.

Star Wars Winestoppers

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away… someone needed a way to keep their wine fresh, so they came up with these Star Wars Winestoppers to fill the need perfectly. You can choose from a wide variety of Star Wars characters to keep your wine tasting fresh and delicious. Your options include the impetuous R2-D2, the bad man himself Darth Vader, some random Stormtrooper guy,  or our favorite hero Luke Skywalker.  Would you like some Force with your wine?

Candle Light Wine Glass

Sure, having a romantic candlelight dinner and an expensive bottle of wine sounds like a great evening for you and your significant other, but why not turn it up a notch? Bam! Now you can do just that with this candle light wine glass. The glass itself actually lights up just like a candle, adding just enough extra flare to make it worth it. Interestingly, the glass only lights up when you begin pouring wine into it, so you don’t have to worry about it flickering annoyingly in your kitchen or mantle piece.  At the very least it is sure to impress your companion with the dazzling display at least once.