Baby Accessories Every Mom Should Have

From what I understand, raising a child is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a person can undertake. So far, I have been content to take their word for it and leave it at that, but who knows what the future holds, am I right? Yet even when it comes to raising your kids, you still want to keep the atmosphere light and full of fun whenever, while also utilizing technology to take on important tasks, too. Here are 6 fun baby items that can help you do just that.

Personal Baby Assistant

Taking care of a baby is a pretty demanding job, and after a couple weeks of sleep-deprived management, you may have a few tasks that slip your mind. Well, the personal baby assistant is here to help you remember. The assistant lets you schedule a wide variety of events, including when it is feeding time or whether it is time to put your bundle of joy down for a nap. You can also upload any and all information to your PC as well, allowing for easy access to anything you will need.

Baby Bidou MP3 Player

Music can be good for your kid, and disguising an mp3 player as a teddy bear is an ingenious way to keep it close to your baby at all times. Each “Teddy Tunes-A-Lot” can hold up to 32 hours of whatever music you think would be appropriate. You know the sort, toss in some Raffi and perhaps a little Mozart and you should be good to go!

Ritmo Baby Speakers

While the Science behind having your baby listen to Mozart during early development in order to enhance their intellect has questionable merit, there are still plenty of mothers out there who would like their kids exposed to it at an early age. Well, you can’t get much earlier than these Ritmo Baby Speakers, which allow you to project sound at a hopefully-reasonable volume. Note that “Get out of there already” will probably not do much for your kid’s self confidence, so keep it to beneficial messages and melodies only.

Designer Baby Automated Crib

Having a machine take care of your baby instead of you may sound like a bad plot for the next “Terminator” movie, but in the fast-paced, no time for anything world we live in today, there just might be a niche out there for it.  Jokes about parenting aside, the crib actually does provide some interesting safety functions. It can prevent the baby from rolling out of the crib, swing softly if the baby begins to get upset thanks to sensors mounted on the frame, and effectively mimic the movement made when a parent has them in their arms. Now, I wouldn’t recommend this as a replacement for a responsible parent, but if you have a couple thousand dollars lying around, you could find worse ways to spend it.

iPhone Teething Block

Let’s face it: Babies need to chew on things. Besides the continual propensity to shove whatever is nearby directly into their mouth, babies teething is a long, arduous process that many parents dread. Well, now you can give them something that looks an awful lot like a smartphone without damaging their teeth on the expensive electronics with this iPhone teething block. You may as well prepare them for a time when they will be carrying the iPhone around with them anyway, so why not start young? Best o fall, the iPhone teething block does nto emit any sort of radiation, which is more than can be said for the actual mobile device.

Cry Analyzer

When dealing with babies, sometime it feels like they will just wail and sob and scream for no particular reason. Even after you have changed them, fed them, and cared for them, they might still be grumpy, or they simply lack any other way to express their discomfort. This nifty little baby cry analyzer will measure the depth of your baby’s cries and pop out the emotion that your baby is feeling. The chart of emotions is fairly straightforward, ranging from “Stressed” to “Hungry” to “Annoyed.” I’m not sure exactly how one goes about proving the accuracy of the device, since you can’t actually ask the baby if he or she is annoyed , but hey, it is worth a try.