Digital Voice-Alert Thermometer

You don’t want to face the embarrassment of serving uncooked or burned steak to your guests on Christmas, do you? Nobody wants that and trust me, it is really disgusting if any of such incident happens. The only choice you are left with in such a scenario is to apologize to your guest and wait for the next Christmas to come to show your guests that you have learned to cook.

But hey what if you make the same mistake again? I bet your guests won’t be coming to your house for dinner ever after that. So, what choices do you have? I believe none, except for taking up measures that can solve the problem. And with that in mind, let me introduce this Digital Voice-Alert Thermometer to you! This is the grand-daddy you were waiting and it will make sure you never face any of such embarrassment situations in your life.

What does it do?

It doesn’t really do much. I mean it doesn’t really cook the food for you. But, it does handle a minor task for you which is to indicate whether or not your food has cooked or whether it is being cooked on the right food processing level. Now that is a small thing but come to think of it – it is the part where most of us make mistakes. So, wouldn’t it be better to get this small device that can make everything you cook tasty?

It is a self-adjusting thermometer which has a user-friendly touchscreen and voice alerts. It can monitor cooking temperatures and can also set countdown cooking times. It also tells you whether you are cooking with the right heat or not, if you select any of the pre-installed modes in it. The LED touchscreen provides these pre-installed settings such as rare and well done for beef, chicken, pork, and other edibles. The overall dimensions of this thing are 5 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ base, 23″ cord and it is available for $39.95.

If you really want a device that can add taste to the meals you cook then stop looking for recipes because what you need is something that can monitor you and this is that very thing.

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