Dress Up in Crazy Cake Dress And Look Truly Yummy!

You really want to look truly yummy and delightful on your wedding? Well, here is a real Cake Dress for the bride. Of course no groom would want the bride to be part of the wedding cake but be assured such a wedding will be most unique and remembered with added delight. One can trust the designer to ensure no one slices or bites the bride while taking a bite of this cake.

yummy dress cake

Kudos to Designer Lukka Sigurdardottir for coming up with this wild thought of making a Cake Dress and executing it so perfectly. The true art and expertise lies in the baking and making of this unbelievable Cake Dress and the effort  would be highly appreciated by all cake bakers and lovers. Surely, designer must be flooded with loads of queries like how would bride wear it? Or will she need to wear diapers? One certain question is, are any orders for this edible Cake Dress? What do you think? There is no dearth of crazy souls who tie knot in mid air or go to any extent to make their wedding noticed and remembered!

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Via Foolish Gadgets