Explode – Not Your Grandma’s Old Gramophone!

Everyone and everything is going old school these days. Whether it be those old punk rock t-shirts or those old-school cars from Fast And The Furious, classic is the vogue! But, the only problem we face is that old school stuff is not really compatible with modern ones especially when it concerns your home interior. That’s exactly why Explode is here!

Imagine having a classy and elegant gramophone in your house instead of a huge weird-looking CD player.

Everyone accepts that a gramophone by itself is a very classy piece and has the caliber of adorning your living room to the fullest. But beauty isn’t all we want. Of course using an old school gramophone today would make you look indeed dimwitted; so how about you tweak it a bit and make it much more beautiful and useful in this time? In fact you don’t need to do that because you already have the Explode Gramophone.

What is Explode?

A modern CD and MP3 player with the classic beauty of a gramophone is what exactly the Explode is all about. Moreover, you don’t get this gramophone in the old school metallic style. The looks and the material used have been upgraded too. You can get it in different colors whether it be black or pink with a curved body and a glossy coating. That’s not it – even the functionalities have been amended. Explode gramophone gives you amplified sound experience which means that this gramophone would not fall short on your music needs. Believe it or not, it’s one unique way of listening to music and at the same time charming up your interior.

To me, Explode gramophone is the perfect thing to be kept in your living room. Imagine your next Christmas get together where you ask your guests to stand up to dance a bit as you turn on the Explode. They would literally have their eyes popping out on it. This is one thing that can actually make everyone else drool. Nobody would expect that this fine piece of art actually works in fact it works better than a conventional CD player. Good job Amanda!

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