Steampunk Gear Pen Looks Artistic and Industrious

We all know the famous quote “the pen is mightier than the sword”, which has lived through ages just like the fine art of writing and recording events for posterity itself.  The ubiquitous pen in itself  is one of the geekiest inventions of man and it has remained in vogue for ages and can never be replaced by the electronic or digital media.

Steampunk Gear Pen is an ode to fine art of writing, industrious nature of man, Steampunk era and time itself.

steampunk gear pen1

Steampunk Gear Pen is decorated with inner parts of a watch, all the gears which work in synchronization to depict time. It’s a fine piece of art for these are real watch parts which have been embedded into resin to make the exterior of the pen look antique and beautiful. The black pen decorated with parts of old watches in gold looks stunning. This unique pen with perfect lathe finish is available on Etsy, it costs $3.50 USD in US and $8.00 elsewhere.

steampunk gear pen2

The Steampunk Gear Pen will be an excellent gift for anyone who loves a touch of antiquity even in the modern times and carries a pen along with a pen drive. Real fans of Steampunk will love this Steampunk Alkindus Distiller and if you are non-drinking kind then enjoy a bite of this Geeky Steampunk Cake.