Get the Neon Edge with the Neon-ized LED Watch

This is yet another watch design and a very new way to tell the time. The Neon-ized LED watch is the latest to enter the wide world of time telling. Designed by Logan, the first glance at the Tokyoflash watch will reveal absolutely nothing to you. All that you get to see are a couple of cyan and magenta lines interspersed with a few squares. The design makes for a wonderful bracelet. But hold on, the design is not constant and will keep changing. On careful examination, you will get to see that these lines and squares are, in fact, trying to tell you the time.

This is how it works – the cyan lines represent single minutes. There will be a maximum of nine cyan lines in all. The yellow squares stand for tens of minutes, which are five in total. The magenta lines represent the hours. So, at a given time when there are four magenta lines, five squares and six cyan lines, the time would be four hours and fifty six minutes.

It is true that reading this watch is not a simple game. It does take some time to get used to it. It does appear complicated for a while. In fact, it is almost like giving counting lessons to a kid. But it is always good to keep the child alive in all of us. Life becomes a lot more fun, and small things like this Neon-ized LED watch bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

The colors used for this watch carry with them a futuristic appeal. The body is black in color with the broad black face displaying a range of neon colors. It gives the effect of a gadget being used in a science fiction movie. Wouldn’t it look perfect on the wrist of any of the science fiction heroes? In fact, it will also gel with the black outfit of batman.

Watch designs have always fascinated designers of all times. Time and again, we come across a new watch design like the Vapor 300 and Ex-Time. These two also make use of an LED screen on which the time is displayed. The difference between them is the fact that while they display numbers like traditional watches, the Neon-ized used lines and squares to tell the time. The task over here is a little complex, but once you get accustomed to it everything is a smooth ride.

Give your wrist the Neon-ized effect and add that designer edge to your attire.

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