Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks Look Like Bullet Trains

Have you ever tried eating Chinese food with the help of the traditional chopsticks? If yes, you would know how difficult it is to use chopsticks, but gradual practice can help you to get them perfect. So, to encourage you to eat Chinese food with chopsticks, comes an innovative pair of chopsticks. Yes, we are talking about the new Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks.


These unique chopsticks have been designed with the most famous locomotive of the world, the Shinkansen bullet train. Many believe that these chopsticks are only meant for collectors to collect them instead of actually using them. Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks are expected to be extremely popular among train fans and Japanophiles. These chopsticks are at present available in O Series and N700 trains. The collection also features the Kikura, yellow and blue 922 trains.

These stylish and fun chopsticks have been officially endorsed by Japan Rail. Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks are just 210mm in length and are completely made in Japan. Adding Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks in your cutlery will be a pure pleasure. Made of AS plastic, these chopsticks are available in an affordable price of $32 for a set of two chopsticks.

Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen N700

These fun and quirky chopsticks will make eating Chinese food even more tempting. You would indeed love to try Chinese meals with these stylish and unique Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks. Those obsessed with Japan, must grab a set of these chopsticks, and if possible both the sets available.

The N700 Series of Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks are sleek and marked with thin blue line. On the other hand, the O Series Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks are broad and feature thick blue lines on the side and at the front. Then, you have the amazing 922 Series in bright yellow color with a thin blue line on the side and at the front. So now, keep these things in mind to easily identify these three different types of Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks.

Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen 922

In actual, the Shinkansen trains are high speed trains with tilting capability. N700 series of these trains can run at a maximum speed of 300 km/h. Owing to the popularity of these Shinkansen trains, the makers thought to create these interesting chopsticks. Prices for all Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks come inclusive of the shipping price. Hurry to get a set of these fantastic chopsticks before stocks sell out.

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