Innovative Structures Made of Discarded Lottery Tickets

If you want to see how you can create monumental structures using lottery tickets, that too without making use of any adhesive, you can take a glance at these urban complex structures that were put on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, New York’s Brooklyn Museum and Caren Golden Gallery.


Each of these galleries (video below) captured by Jean Shin used discarded “Scratch & Win” lottery tickets that failed to win any prizes for their possessors, and were estimated to be worth $32,404, $24,496 and $17,119 respectively.


What’s impressive is how these tickets were balanced without glue to create these towering edifices.


Though you may think that these structures will easily crumble, they are pretty sturdier though their look belies it.


Standing straight -held up by friction and gravity, these structures truly symbolize how the combination of money, labor and resilience can challenge the odds that a fragile existence comes loaded with.


So, you too can give flight to your imagination with some discarded lottery tickets by creating your own towering structure. If you want some more innovative arts and crafts ideas, take a look at these Origami patterns that are sure to impress you.

Lottery Tickets Building in Action (building begins at the 5:50 Minute mark):