Loc8tor: Track Your Pets Without a Microchip

Most of us love pets and do have pets of our own. And at some time in our lives, we would all have faced the heartache of losing a loved pet dog or a pet bird that flew away. It’s truly heartbreaking to realize that your loved pet has strayed away from you, never to be located again.

Pet lovers can now take heart. You need not try too hard to contain your pets and guard them to prevent them from running away. Give them free rein. With the interesting gadget, the Loc8tor Pet and using its Active RFID technology, the Loc8tor Pet allows you to press on a single button and it will immediately provide you with constant and continuous location information, including walking directions of your pet within inches of its terrain that it occupies or has strayed into.

What’s fascinating about Loc8tor is that it provides information regarding even the direction in which you need to walk to trace your pet. Loc8tor Pet gadget is just the size of a credit card and moreover it’s a handheld device with mini homing tags that are small and light. Regardless of fences, doors and other boundaries, pets do tend to run away and get lost and it can prove to be very upsetting and stressful, having to lose a much loved pet. With the advent of Loc8tor Pet gadget, you can be assured of being saved a lot of anxiety.

The loc8tor pet is the ultimate answer to your prayers for locating lost pets. What’s more, this cute device can be used to track other valuables too. This tiny handset can be used whenever and wherever needed. In case your pet dog stays away, press on the locate button and you can then easily pick up signals emitting from your pet’s collar.

The Loc8tor pet has directional capabilities and it guides you to the exact place to walk to find your pet.  The audio and visual cues on the handset and tag guide you to within 2.5 cms/1 inch.  The Loc8tor pet has great range and the device is ultra portable, being the size of a credit card.

Setting up of this device hardly takes seconds and the tag too can be attached right on to your pet’s collar. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, in complete darkness or light, the Loc8tor pet guides you to within an inch of your pet; you need just stride in the direction of the strongest signal being shown on your hand held Loc8tor pet.

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Via: Coolest Gadgets