The Award Winning Nesting Spheres Puzzle

There are times when you want to give your kids toys and games with which they’ll not only have a good time, but also learn something. For sure there are many such board games and puzzles that are really helpful in developing a kid’s brain power. Unfortunately, today kids are more into video games than those board games.

It is quite painful for a parent to see that their kids are spending time in things that would only harm their health. So what do you do? You don’t have a lot of choices do you? And you can’t really blame your kids because most of those traditional board games are quite boring to catch the attention of your little one. The only option you are left with is to search for a game, toy, or a board game that interests your kid and at the same time develops his personality.

If you really are looking for such a game then this Nesting Spheres Puzzle is what you should get. It is an award winning puzzle set which challenges your kiddo to think in multiple dimensions. The puzzle is a three dimensional puzzle which helps build spatial awareness in your kid and develops his motor skills. Moreover, this thing has won the 2008 International Design Excellence Award because of the way it is designed and the way it can help children. The puzzle has four color-coded layers which are inside one another. That is exactly why it is called the Nesting Spheres Puzzle. Now, your child needs to turn each piece in a way that it fits through the opening of the outer sphere.

This means that as they progress, the puzzle becomes harder to solve. Now that is something that will interest kids as well as develop their mental capabilities of solving riddles. The puzzle has 21 pieces and once completed, the sphere measures around 3 1/4″-diameter. It weighs around 10 oz and is available for $29.95. So, if you really want to give something to your kid that is interesting to solve and can help him become a better man, then this is the one!

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