Neutrogena Wave – A Perfect Cleanser for Women

It’s common knowledge that women cannot have enough of those beauty products. “The more, the merrier” seems to be the motto when it comes to beauty.

But somehow even with their shelves filled with beauty aids; the search for that one perfect facial cleanser never ends. In spite of having cleansers, scrubs, exfoliants, and the works, women are left hungry for more. Hungry for something that’ll give them the satisfaction of a smooth and squeaky clean skin. This makes them to wonder if they’ll have to bear the load of hundreds of products instead of just one that is enough and complete. Until they met Neutrogena Wave that their ecstasy has known no bounds.

Neutrogena Wave by Ahmed Salem is set to bring in a huge tide of change and totally alter the way we begin our beauty rituals every day. Now we require just this one magical device to turn our tired and helpless skin into that baby soft skin that we’ve always yearned for. A small device which fits comfortably in your hands, the Neutrogena Wave works with gentle vibrations to cleanse the skin’s surface.

This dermatologically tested device works with the help of a small 1-AA battery and produces gentle vibrations when turned on. It is water resistant which makes its use in the shower totally safe. To use the Neutrogena Wave all you have to do is to attach the disposable cleansing pad to the attachment head and hold the power-cleanser under running water to produce foam. Once enough foam has been created, you can start the Wave by pressing the power button which will enable the device to vibrate. When you apply the device to your skin, the vibrations along with the foam will help exfoliate the skin to surface out the new and glowing skin. And when you are done with it, simply throw away the disposable cleansing pad. That is all you need to do for a healthy glowing skin. No more stuffing the shelves with a whole range of products because now you need only one.

The Neutrogena wave comes with 14 disposable cleansing pads and one -AA battery. The soft pads on the attachment head help to scrub away the dead skin to uncover the glowing skin beneath. The foam is tingly and cool which gives a refreshing feel to the skin after the wash. And since the foam is very gentle it is absolutely safe to use this device every day.

Not only has Neutrogena given the women the perfect cleanser they have been looking for, but also a reason to rejoice. And now not only gorgeous skin has become a more tangible reality but also heavy overstuffed bags filled with beauty products have become a distant unfamiliar past!

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