Overgrowth TV Console Creates Awesome Natural Surroundings for TV

Urban homes have all kinds of modern electronic gadgets, which make life easy and provide lots of entertainment too. But still, often times it becomes difficult to breathe in urban spaces when modern hectic life stresses us out, and instead of switching on TV or computers, we do seek out green open spaces. We must opt ways green for more than one reason, and this very need seems to have inspired Alan Goh to create this Overgrowth TV Console design for placing television itself in a homegrown wild green patch.

overgrowth tv console1

Modern designers are becoming more futuristic, and they are creating innovative designs keeping in mind the harsh realities. We do need to grow green in the concrete jungle to save the environment and the planet. Alan Goh’s TV console has green sprouting out of it at different places.

overgrowth tv console2

This console symbolizes the fact that weeds and plants can grow even in concrete cracks, and they don’t need much tending and care. We can include green in our homes and daily life without worrying about nitty gritty of home gardening.

overgrowth tv console3

Another beauty of Overgrowth TV Console design is that one can put away all additional TV accessories, gadgets, and wires in the inner sections of the console. So you will be actually mounting your TV set in a natural surrounding, and I am sure this will be less stressful for our senses for green will soothe the eyes, which get strained by watching too much of television.

overgrowth tv console4

overgrowth tv console5

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