Tasty Frame – A Mini Garden for Your Kitchen

We all love a green patch. It is cool to the eyes and gives a fresh feeling to the soul. During these times when cities are growing, greenery is being pushed back.

Many of us would long to have a kitchen garden, but the limited space does not permit. The condition is worse for those living in apartments. Swiss designer La Chanh Nguyen understands the limitations of gardening and has come up with the concept of an indoor, in fact tabletop, kitchen garden.

Sometime back, Nguyen had come up with the concept of a live moss bathroom carpet. He was highly applauded for his innovative and nature loving idea. It is time again to appreciate his designing excellence. Take a look at his Tasty Frame kitchen garden idea. It is a white-colored ring which has a depression running all along. The depression is meant to hold soil in which plants can be sown.

At first sight you would not take this for real or might say that this is not something that can be kept in a kitchen. Sorry to say, but you would be wrong in either case. For one, this is an absolutely real product along with all the plants in it. The soil in the narrow opening on the rim of the frame is real. Secondly, as the placement of your kitchen garden is concerned, it can not only be placed on the kitchen counter-top but can also be suspended from a support.

This three-part injected plastic frame does not only look good but is sturdy and compact enough to hold all the soil. The weight of herb plants is considerably light which makes it comfortable to suspend.

The color of the frame adds on to the beauty of this product. When full of grown herbs, the white frame, and the green leaves compliment each other and plant a smile on the face of the spectator. The circular shape makes it easy for use and ensures uniformity throughout the ring. This could not have been achieved with any other geometrical shape.

Time and again there are small amounts of herbs that we all require for our cooking. They are definitely available in the market but if they come fresh from a kitchen garden, the aroma and taste increases immensely. Make use of Tasty Frame and plant all kinds of aromatic herbs to give every dish a fresh appeal.

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