Space Invader Earrings: Geeky Alien Ear Wear

With the festive season of Christmas around the corner, I know that quite a few guys out there will experience characteristic head scratching over the perfect Christmas present to give to their lady loves. The Space Invader Stud Earrings are the perfect Christmas present for any geeky girl or any cool girl who goes nuts when she hears “video game!”Space Invader Earrings Geeky Alien Ear Wear

“Space Invaders” which is actually a video arcade game where the object of the game is to defeat rows of aliens with a laser cannon, was developed in the 70s and despite its simple 2D graphics gained a lot of popularity and is now an established part of popular culture and forms a very important part of almost every video game loving person’s childhood.

Space Invader Earrings Geeky Alien Ear Wear 2

These Space Invader Earrings which are a perfect tribute to this classic video game has been created by Miscii from London.  These adorable Space Invader Studs have been meticulously hand-made from lasered sterling silver and have been carefully gold plated and would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas stocking for any geek in your life like some other geeky Earring Designs. These beautifully elaborate studs that measure 7x10mm are in the shape of aliens and are tiny replicas of retro alien invaders in a very successful attempt to mimic the alien invaders from the video game.

Space Invader Earrings Geeky Alien Ear Wear 3

These tiny, intricate Space Invader Studs being gold plated are a very classy yet unique and personalized present. So, buy the Space Invader Earrings and become a ‘stud’ will all those lovely ladies! If your girlfriend is crazy about Space Invaders, she may like the Space Invader Tights.