The ORBE LED Watch Shows Time in a Unique Way

Everyone has watches, but haven’t you always hankered for something different, unique, and catchy? A watch that would definitely make your friends and colleagues turn green with envy ?Then the Tokyoflash ORBE LED watch is the perfect one for you! The Orbe LED watch designed in a perfect circle is truly unique. This watch was designed by Victor Benet Montoro from Spain. The unique design for this watch was inspired by the concept of unity. The circle which symbolizes the sun creates rhythms on the watch. It originates from the centre, moves out gradually towards the edges; the multiplicity of the sun’s rays is interpreted as hours and as the hours pass by, it increases the shape of the watch.

This is the profound relationship between the one that is the sun, symbolizing the perfection of simplicity wedded to eternity.  The Orbe LED watch is a simple device, which, by pressing the button at the centre, shows the hours and minutes as lights on the surface of the watch.

Every red line on the watch denotes an hour. Every white point stands for a minute, and every blue point on the Orbe LED watch represents two minutes. Even though it sounds a lot different from usual watches, it is very easy to glean the exact time from the unique Orbe LED watch.

The Orbe circle watch is just perfect for people who are tech savvy and cool. It’s useful and popular with people who just love its simplicity and unique design. In fact, the Orbe LED watch is ideal for all age groups, be it men or women and of every nationality.

Its unique design combines attractive colors and shapes with the simplicity of its reading, since it is equipped with just one button that has to be pressed to show the time. The Orbe LED watch does not require any hard production methodology or complex clockworks. The watch is based on the same technology that Tokyoflash uses.  Tokyoflash promotes a very simple philosophy which is to create and design cutting edge products. Also, Tokyoflash turns telling time into an art, which is well appreciated by all with an artistic bend of mind, and they are well known for their unique and ingenious product designs.

The Orbe watch is loved for its exclusive design, which is kept simple, yet avant-garde. It is like a breath of fresh air in the world of watches. The light emanating from the cuts in the side of the Orbe watch reminds one of hot molten lava leaking out of a volcano. Little wonder that this watch is loved not only by the geeks but also by the fashion conscious folks out there.

The Orbe LED watch looks subtle and smart on your wrists. When you need to tell the time, just touch the button to access the time display. Once you get the hang of it, it is a very smart choice indeed, one which can be treasured forever.

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