The Seats – An Amazing Circle Library

Yet another Yanko design, the “the seat –circle-library’ was creatively envisaged and designed by Thomas Mills. He evidently had two aspects in mind while designing this circular library- long form and short form. Long form implies things that take more than a few seconds to access like books, and films. Short form, according o Thomas Mill ‘s parlance includes the internet and magazines and text messages.

The Seats- circle library project encapsulates the longer and more involved library of items which surrounds the person accessing it. The circle seat library stands at 246 centimeters tall and is made entirely from hand cut plywood.

You can sit comfortably within the cradle formed by the circle library and rock gently back and forth. Be careful as you do so, lest you be rolled away. The seats-circle library can easily hold its own weight in books. The seats are cushioned which is a nod to the futuristic furniture displayed in Stanley Kubrick films.

Reading lamps are placed at strategic points throughout the seat-circle library. Lights placed around the entire circumference of the seats- circle library acts as a clock too, the timers changing the brightness of the lights to its highest at the equinox of the day and dimmed to nothing at midnight!

The designer Thomas Mill is against shipping it but would willingly fly out to make a similar one for you. The library is entirely customizable. It is simple to install further features into it too. The lighting is controlled from a compartment in the base of the library where there is additional room for audio visual equipment and a WiFi router. Screens and speakers can also be fitted into the fascia above the seat and below the reading lights.

A lot of thought and ingenuity has gone into designing this Seats-circle library. It is functional as well as attractive, unique, and saves up on a lot of space. At any time, during installation of the Seats- circle library, additional features can be easily incorporated in to it, making it the sole customizable circular library in the world.

The Seats-circle library can be installed in both schools, private institutions, and even at homes, affording your kids and youngsters a lot of fun indulging in them. They can rock themselves comfortably back and forth while reading their favorite books, magazines, and novels at leisure.

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