The TITAN High-Roller Suitcase for Frequent Travelers

Are you a frequent flier? Are you at times late for your flight? Do you find commuting within the airport too troublesome? If you fall in any of these situations you should be welcoming this brand new concept of a suitcase fitted with a high roller.The TITAN High-Roller Suitcase is a new design in the suitcase segment from designer Sindre Klepp.

How innovative could one get with a suitcase? Ask Sindre. Wheeling your luggage around is not a new concept. It has been around for quite some time. We all agree with the fact that wheels in a luggage make it easy to carry along. The TITAN too has wheels, but the difference here is that it not only helps you wheel your luggage but also wheels you along.

Take a look at its design. The suitcase looks like any other hard luggage strolley with a pull-along handle on one side. The bottom section has a flexible roller blade that can be pulled out to form the foot rest. When completely extended, the entire unit resembles a scooter with a handle, two front wheels (these are usually at the back but for design sake have been placed on the front), a foot rest, and a rear wheel. So next time you are running late for a check-in at the airport, just pull out the rear wheel, and zoom your way across to the check-in counter.

You might have heads turning in your direction but everything out of the ordinary does attract attention.

The suitcase has purposes beyond a normal suitcase. One of its sides has a detachable section that houses the laptop. Once the laptop has been removed it leaves an open indent in the suitcase cover. This too can serve your purpose. When seated in the aircraft, slide the suitcase under the seat in front of you. Make sure to keep the indent part facing up. This will serve as an excellent foot rest.

Summing up the qualities of the suitcase we realize that we have a multi-talented piece of product here. It is a ‘vehicle’, a laptop case, and also a comfortable foot rest. What other piece of luggage can boast of serving so many functions in one go?

TITAN is available in a wide range of colors making it easy for everyone to choose one for him/herself. Though black would be the preferred one for executives, girls are sure to go for the bright blue, red, or green ones.

Here is a new piece of luggage on the block for a completely new traveling experience.

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