The Whole House Humidifier

The whole house humidifier is a new device that can help to humidify up to 3800 square feet of space in order to eliminate dry air through out your home.

The whole house humidifier is equipped with deeply pitched fan blades and a very uniquely designed air duct which can create an invisible stream of moist air which circulates from floor to ceiling. It emits up to twelve gallons of air moisture every twenty four hours. When you decide to set the humidity level, the integrated humidistat automatically maintains it for you.

What’s interesting about the whole house humidifier is that it can hold up to six gallons of water and continuously circulate it through a filter that expertly removes hard minerals and water deposits. Furthermore, it is equipped with a removable two and one-fourth gallon jug that refills easily under a faucet and when placed back in the device, it automatically refills the gallon reservoir.

The humidifier has three fan speeds and four casters for easy mobility and a remote control for those among us who are, naturally, on chilly winter days, prefer to be “couch potatoes”. During dry winter days, it gets more so for those of you who live in desert areas. Not to worry, as the whole house humidifier, brought to you by Hammacher Schlemmer steps in to save the day.

Most often, heater systems in the home can make the air stagnant, and too dry for comfort. Especially in the winter, when heaters run almost for the entire day, having a whole house humidifier running can make the dry indoor air comfy and breathable. Hence, possessing Hammacher Schlemmer’s whole house humidifier is a great buy and a good investment for the cold, chilly winter months.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s whole house humidifier effectively eliminates the need for multiple humidifiers and effortlessly emits up to thirteen gallons of invisible moisture per day, enabling comfortable humidity through out the home. Moreover, it allows rapid selection of humidity levels. The integrated humidifier measures room humidity and the humidistat maintains the selected humidity. It has low settings for night time usage and a two stage air filter removes air borne particles and removes odors. Casters are easily maneuverable and the two LED’s light up when the water reservoir requires filling.

Bid good bye to dry winters and enjoy a cozy warm home that is well humidified by the wonderful Whole house humidifier. It is priced at $169.95.

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