Zombified: Bring Death Into Your Life Without Dying

Forget those Twilight books and movies, zombies are still where the fun is at. Since the advent of the zombie motif, there have been countless books, movies, and zombie related items for the horror fan. Whether you are a casual fan of the genre or a hardcore zombie fanatic, here are some zombie related items that anyone can get into.

Zombie-Proof Home

Sooner or later, everyone needs to have “The talk” with their friends and family regarding the scenario of a zombie apocalypse. This line of thinking usually leads to what will we we eat, where will we stay, and how many shotguns are we going to need to fight off the undead hordes. Secure shelter is one of the most important aspects of surviving a zombie attack, as we have seen in countless  zombie movies, and so getting a zombie proof home would be a great first step. As you can see, the building can go into a sort of “fortress” mode, which seals the building up like a giant concrete box. Thankfully, zombies aren’t very smart, so you should be safe and sound within your bunker for as long as you need to be. I would recommend a healthy supply of food before you decide to hunker down, though, lest you need to send members of your party out to forage who may not come back. The non-fortress version of the house is actually pretty sleek looking, too.

Plants vs Zombies Crochet Dolls

If there is one game that has made the zombie apocalypse sound a lot more friendly and inviting than it should, it is Plants vs Zombies. I mean what do you have to worry about if you have your own line of plant-like defense against the undead? These Plants Vs Zombies Crochet dolls show off all of your favorite defenders as they strike down the undead masses foolish enough to try to break into your home and eat your brain. The original creator didn’t skimp on variety, either. The Sunflower, Wallnut, Cattail, Pea Shooter, Snow Pea, Melonpult, Wintermelon-pult, and one of the zombies themselves are all options.

Brain Salt and Pepper Shakers

Let’s assume the worst in a zombie horde scenario for a moment, You get your brain eaten, and now you are one of the mindless undead. I don’t know if you ever seen a brain, but it doesn’t look all that appetizing. You are going to need some seasoning for all of the people you intend to devour, and the brain salt and pepper shakers aim to provide it. Just don’t try to eat the shakers themselves, lest you get stuck with porcelain shards allover your face. Not that you’ll care, really, you are a zombie after all.

Zombie Wedding

Do you really want to freak out all of your conservative friends and family? Consider throwing yourself a zombie wedding theme. Your Aunt May will probably not approve of your selection, but I’ll be damned if the idea isn’t completely memorable. The zombie wedding idea was originally posted in our list of the craziest and most bizarre wedding themes, and I think it warranted inclusion in this list as well. Just don’t set the date on the same day the zombie apocalypse starts, since that would just be tacky and the real zombies would steal all of your thunder.

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

When I think of the perfect Halloween decorations, I always come back to this zombie head cookie jar. There isn’t a better way to scare the kiddies than having them take their treats right out of the head of a zombie, and if you’re a horror fan, you can just use it as your cookie jar year round. Will lifting the top off reveal a delicious cookie or zombie brains? Finding out is half the fun! You can even load up your candy to suit the zombie brain motif, too. I think gummy worms would work well, or maybe crushed up Mike and Ikes. There are plenty of candies out there that probably have a similar texture and look to zombie brains, so start up your creative brainstorming now. Halloween is still a good number of months away, so you have time to decide.