Canine Goggles Make Up for Stylish Protective Eye Wear for Your Pets

Summers bring with them the perils of scorching blistering weather but tons of sunscreen, bikinis and designer eye wear save the day for us. But ensuring all of this for your beloved pet could be little cumbersome. If not for anything else, Hammacher Schlemmer here takes up the baton of giving your extended family member a tailor-made pair of eye wear. Hailed as the Canine Protective Glasses, these goggles have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and a rubber wrap around frame which stops dirt and dust from entering into your dog’s eyes.



The lenses here are known to block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and will also not hamper clear viewing during foggy weather conditions. At the first instance these might come across as swimming goggles, but their actual functionality goes much beyond that. The makers here have been considerate enough to include a deep lens cup and a wide bridge in its design so as to make it a perfect fit for your canine’s protruding eyes and wide snouts. To avoid any sort of discomfort, its frame is lined with soft foam padding and also adjustable elastic head-and-chin straps ensure ease in usage. There doesn’t seem to be any color choices but three sizes are available which are proportional to the pet’s weight. It can be bought for a price of $19.95.


The product page reads out that these glasses were originally issued to military working dogs to protect their eyes from blowing sand and the sun. Given the high pollution levels and rising temperatures owing to global warming, your little pedigree too deserves one of this even though it isn’t catching bad guys all day long. Designer labels have earlier ventured into pet accessories but I wonder how much time would it take from them to create utilitarian products like these. I am hoping that in near term something like this is unveiled for our feline pets.

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