Unique Cookie Cutter Designs for Tasty Art

I have always thought of cookie dough as a type of edible clay. The fact that it starts off so squishy makes it ncie and moldable, allowing you to make your cookies into a variety of shapes and sizes. Luckily for us geeks, that means that we can make a great number of nerdy expressions as well, from ninjas to our very own “Homemade” stamp of approval. I put together a short list of my personal favorites, but your mileage may vary depending on your preference and genre of choice.

Homemade Cookie Stamper

If you don’t cook very often, like myself, then chances are you might need to persuade your friends and family that yes, you did in fact make these yourself. Thankfully, these homemade cookie stampers are happy to come to your rescue! It also adds a little more to the “comfort” in comfort food, knowing that the delicious treat you’re about to consume was made by you from scratch. If you want to get creative, I’m sure these could be easily used for other fluffy creations like pancakes or maybe to put your stamp of homemade approval on waffles.

Ninja Bread Man Cookie Cutters

As we all know, ninjas are deadly and silent, and they’re also incredibly violent. Points for you if you get the reference, but suffice it to say that these Ninja Bread Man Cookie Cutters are a great way to show off your stealthy ninja spirit without all the arduous training and assasination. The cutters also come in three distinctly different ninja poses, which means that you can setup your very own battle on a cookie pan near you! Kids are also sure to get a kick out of the ninjas, and will likely be setting up epic duels to the death on their plates. Then again, the winner still gets eaten, so victory is bittersweet.

Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Pacman is, and will always be, known as one of the most popular video games of all time. Even know, decades later, people who never even saw an arcade machine know who Pacman is. As a result, there has never been a shortage of Pacman swag to go around, and why not use him a in a medium he’s suited for? Now that eater of dots gets eaten with these Pacman Cookie cutters. You could easily setup your own baked game of Pacman, as the ghosts are included, and setting up your own dots to eat would be a snap.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Cutter

While it is technically true that St. Patrick’s day passed us by some time ago, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for the Irish spirit year round. This St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter may be designed for the holiday, but it’ll be a welcome addition to your collection year round. Featured in our list of St. Patrick’s day gadgets, you too can have the luck of the Irish infused into a delicious cookie. Now if I could only get it to actually work for me.

Bandai Cook Joy Pack Sandwich Maker

While the Bandai Cook Joy Pack may be designed for sandwiches, they could very easily be conscripted into use for cookies as well! The pack comes with a wide array of delicious choices for your culinary creations, including a cute little piggy, an apple, a bear face, or a smiling face to brighten your day. Each has it’s own distinct charm, but I think the smiling face would be my personal favorite. The variety of cutters means that you could easily fit the molds into a number of themes as well, from Spring time to the holiday season. The little pig mold would be a great addition to a Fourth of July Barbeque. The smiling face mold would be perfect for a happy occasion lke a wedding or birthday party. The Apple would be a welcome hop-along to an afternoon picnic at the park. You can tailor each mold to whatever occasion you see fit, which gives you a lot more flexibility the next time you are preparing to cook for an event.