5 Unusual Chair Designs

The fun thing about decorating your own home is that you really have free reign in terms of the style you want to portray. If you happen to be an ubergeek like myself, gaming chairs tend to be a lot of fun, but there are an innumerable number of other themes you can opt for as well.  From chairs that are flashy to those that aim for subtle simplicity, we have featured a number of odd, quirky designs that any chair enthusiast can get behind.

Innovative Coffee Bench

Ok, so, technically, this isn’t a chair in and of itself, but as you can see from the design, this innovative coffee bench has the ability to be a chair or a bench depending on your preference and the number of guests you have to sit on it. The coffee bench is a collaboration between product designer Karolina Tylka and an interior architect, Szymon Nawoj, to create an unpretentious, brilliantly functional bench that could easily convert to a pair of chairs, side tables, or anything the consumer can come up with. The final product is rather impressive, if quite odd looking. I wonder how well the pieces stay in place when you sit on them.

Disco Chair

In a completely different vein than what we saw with the coffee bench, this disco chair is innovative in a flashy, retro kind of way. If you have always thought of yourself as a bit edgy and you’re willing to put up with a few guests who claim to be blinded by the color, this chair is for you. The chair was designed by London-based firm Kiwi & Pom. It is constructed from 200 meters of electroluminescent wire. The end result is a chair that looks like a disco ball rainbow, although I am not sure what the weight capacity is for someone who would like to sit on it.

Puppo Chair

Any fan of the Transformers series should be able to appreciate a chair that can convert from an ordinary chair into a table, a footrest, or even a place for storage. If you like your gadgetry to be able to serve as many functions as possible, then this Puppo chair is definitely for you. It would also be a nice segway into the downsizing movement, as the chair would be well suited to spaces where you don’t have a lot of square footage to work with such as a dorm or Tumbleweed house. Puppo sounds an awful lot like a young dog who is also a super hero or something, though, rather than a chair.

Paper Darwin Chair

A chair constructed from paper that can be torn away to reveal a completely different design may sound environmentally callous at first, but hear me out. This Darwin chair is made with a swinging structure and 200 printed sheets of Tyvek, each with its own unique design printed on it. Tyvek is actually a light weight recyclable paper product originally created by Dupont, so you don’t have to worry as much about damaging mother nature. Best of all, you can change the entire look of the chair simply by tearing off a layer and opting for a new one. Just make sure that you like at least half of the designs in the chair, lest you be tearing away all of your hard earned money 10 sheets at a time trying to find a pattern that fits with the rest of your decor.

Wood Stump Furniture

When you think about it, a piece of furniture designed to look exactly like a tree stump doesn’t really sound all that appealing. I mean, most tree stumps are usually in some sort of state of decay, with a variety of bug life inside them. Still, if you own an old cabin in the mountains, then this wood stump furniture could very easily find a home there. The furniture is constructed from wood, urethrane casters and stainless steel, so I would imagine the point about the bugs is moot here. A brave soul could also place this in their apartment or regular house to give it a more natural look, I suppose, but I admit it wouldn’t be my first choice if I decided to do some redecorating.