Eggstremes: For the Rocker in You

Don’t you just love those adorable little egg cups or ‘egg servers’ for served the most delicious item on the breakfast menu – eggs? If you have an egg cup fetish, you are going to love the ‘Eggstremes’ egg cups and these egg cups are sure to make a wonderful addition to that collection!

Eggstremes For the Rocker in You

These adorable little egg cups have been created and designed by the very talented Jonas Lonborg, and are available in a pairs of two. These egg cups will make a fabulous present for your better half and if you’re wondering why these egg cups have been christened ‘Eggstremes’, here’s why! They have been given that catchy and innovative name as one has a rocker appearance with cool spikes all over it while the, undoubtedly meant for the male species, while the other Eggstreme sports a more feminine appearance with a more intricate but nonetheless gorgeous golden claw foot designed footie.  These egg cups complement each other because they contradict each other and are designed distinctly to stand apart from each other. Considering the unique design it is of no wonder that they have been dubbed as ‘egg cups for the odd couple.’  These egg cups are so beautifully detailed and expertly crafted that they look like they belong in a museum! These ‘egguisite’ works of art are made using the best quality of porcelain money can buy as well as silvered and gilded metal parts.

Eggstremes For the Rocker in You 2

Fingers crossed that this amazing concept will find its way on shelves in the near future! If eggs are your favorite breakfast item, you will love the Chickenborg Egg Cuber and the Ceramic Egglings Planter.