MyBrett – A Stylish Kitchenware Application

Kitchenware has come of age. And if you think the Apple iPhone is the pioneering icon of the cutting edge technology of our generation, here’s a cutting board with its own ‘apps’! Food apps that is! And that too, just when we thought that the pots and pans are the best utensils will get to be.MyBrett is a compact and lustrous-looking cooking and cutting tablet that is sure to make you look forward to using and prettify the corner you shove it into. It is practical, slim, and looks as appealing as a cutting board could get !

Manufactured from full-bodied beechwood, this magnificent slab is robust and very real-world, but at the same time alluring. On the topside surface, there are laser-generated whittlings of icons to emulate those on the desktop menu of an iPhone, except this displays pictures of foodstuffs that would remind you to have a wholesome breakfast- some fruit, a protein-rich serving of egg, your vitamin supplement, cheese for the sandwich, and a cuppa mocha. And then some more suggestions for a quick grab when you feel to snack. On the whole, it looks rather fun and with a snappy knife, chopping, slicing, and cutting would be a pleasurable experience, instead of just contributing to a mundane morning routine. Wedge out slivers of bread, cut a smaller portion of the bacon, mince those potatoes, arrange a little pickle in the corner, and the multifunctional MyBrett serves just the function you are looking for. Use it as a makeshift snack-platter, serve cheese and crackers to visiting friends, and hor d’horves at a small, tight-knit party- MyBrett juggles it all.

The best part of buying a wooden chopping board is that, wood seems to absorb the much-expected cuts. And thanks to the glossy finish of the MyBrett, its 22 x 15cm surface rarely exhibits these tiny scars too obviously. Stains hardly remain on the board as they tend to slither off or can be easily wiped away.

Expert study findings have also made a point that wood is a much more hygienic option than plastic, as against the contrary misconception. Stone, ceramic and stainless steels tend to damage the edge of your knife and therefore, it is not hard to see why MyBrett with its maple woodwork is such a great choice. Priced at about $20 in the USA and 15 euros in UK, it is a great buy.

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