Travel Bag Brings Your Nintendo 3DS Everywhere

While my first experience with Mad Catz’ officially licensed gear was not the best, subsequent purchases have turned out in a much better light. The company has come a long way with their gear, and they now have a variety of items I would consider purchasing. One of those items included on that list is this Traveler Bag for the Nintendo 3DS, which lays out a convenient way to bring your DS on the go. If traveling is in your future, consider grabbing this one.

As you might expect, the goal here is to provide a convenient place for all of your DS related gear, and the traveler bag manages it with flying colors. The construction here is compact and durable, and has a protective inner lining to help keep your expensive electronics safe. It also has patches for up to 21 game cartridges, an odd number but maybe the designers are fans of Blackjack or they just ran out of real estate. There are also slots for two styli, so you can bring your lightsaber stylus along too. They don’t define the material the bag is made from, but Mad Catz assures us that it is pleasant to touch, so it is probably not made out of sandpaper. The low pricepoint of $19.99 also means you won’t be paying much for the extra protection.

Now that you have all of your Professor Layton games safely tucked away and protected, you may be interested in some other game gear as well. You can pick up a more decorative piece with this awesome 3D Gameboy Perler bead sprite set, for example. If you would rather keep your DS in your purse, you can choose one of these great fancy purses for girls. There is bound to be something for everyone on the list, so check it out!