OTTO – A Great Cooling Fan With a Wooden Body

Summer may not be here yet; but when it comes, it comes with all might. The heat outside travels indoors and leaves you longing for a breeze of cool air. This summer, try using Otto instead of switching on the air conditioner. You will be amazed with the results.There is an old saying that ‘old is gold’. Same is the case with Otto. Swiss designer Carlo Borer has made use of the old concept of a fan and has given it brand new looks.

The fan has a wooden body that has been made of African sapele. This is a large deciduous tropical tree that is native to Africa. In many respects the wood carries qualities similar to that of mahogany with the same smooth fine grain appearance. It not only appears good but is also very durable, making it absolutely suitable for everyday use. The wood used in the fan has been oiled twice to give it the matte effect. The high grade stainless steel frame of the fan gels comfortably with the natural beauty of the wooden frame and complements one another.

With height-adjustable legs you can easily alter the height of Otto and make it suit your needs. The fan also carries a three-speed adjustable quality giving you the comfort of choosing your speed level.

To a great extent it does look like the ones from older days but has its own set of qualities. One basic difference that you would find is in the looks of the fan. Or shall we say, you would not notice the fan among your furniture, be it by sight or sound. The wooden body hides it among the room décor and its whisper silent operation is hardly audible.

The size of Otto is neither too large nor too small. With a size of 36.5cm x 35.5cm x 19cm it handsomely sits on your table. Unlike older models this fan is not at all bulky and can easily be carried around your house or even to your office.

Apart from good looks Otto is also an excellent means to help you save on your electricity bills. Consider the difference between the two: a typical air conditioner would consume 100 watts, while Otto would use up a meager 45 watts. That is a great amount of saving.

Qualities of Otto are gaining popularity. It is best to book one for yourself now at the rate of $199 or you may not get the opportunity to own one.

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