The “How-Are-Babies Made” Watch

Ever caught off guard when your little one asks you how babies are made? Do you “oomph” and “ah” wondering how best to answer their query? Not anymore. Just get a how-are-babies-made watch. And the next time your kid’s curiosity is piqued, just show him your wrist watch which sports the “fertilization watch.”

Explain patiently to him that the little sperm showing the minutes and hours is inexorably moving forth to fertilize the central ovule. And that’s how babies are born on time!

This amazingly ingenious watch has been designed by Andy Kurovets. This is indeed a “shock therapy” designed by him. This unique design is made available to the world by YankoDesign, a web magazine which is dedicated to introducing to the world the best modern international designs, ranging from industrial designs, technology, interior design, and lots more. It’s a refreshing mix between the new and the rediscovered.

This fertilization concept patch has an interesting face and three hands that represent different sperms. It is self explanatory as the children glean from the watch that the little sperms showing the minutes and hours is moving forth to fertilize the central ovule.

As the very name implies, the designer Andy Kurovat has ingeniously reconstructed the moments of human fertilization on a watch. A huge egg is placed at the center of the watch face. Three sperms, representing minutes and hours are heading towards the egg. Evidently, one of them has pricked the egg shell and it is the luckiest among millions.

Assuage your youngster’s animosity by getting him a fertilization concept watch. This makes it easy for you to educate your youngsters on the facts of life. With so many ingenious ways to pique one’s imagination, highly commendable is the designer Andy Kurovat’s conceptualization, and design, to create a watch that teaches youngsters not only the value of time, but also, a device that explains in a subtle manner, the moments of human fertilization or more aptly, the moments of creation.

It has an attractive face and sperms signifying the human sperm at the earlier phase of fertilization, well on its way to uniting with the egg at the center, to create and add to the human race. Hats off to Andy Kurovat for this ingenious device! This watch signifies too that every human being comes in to this world, at the designated time. Time plays a vital role in all our lives and it is too precious to be squandered.

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